Practical Knowledge is Key

There’s always more than one way to get art onto a garment and our print shop has dozens of application systems throughout screen-printing, embroidery, vinyl, sublimation, laser cutting and direct to garment printing. This array of application systems and our knowledge of optimal application practices and willingness to execute on the optimum scenario is what set us apart from other print shops.

Sometimes optimal outcome means functionality in terms of breathability or resistance to dye migration, sometimes it’s price driven or maybe timeline. Maybe it’s a printed tee shirt or hoodie with a very complex piece of art that needs an advanced separation systems. If it’s any kind of garment printing or embroidery there will be technical challenges between recording the information from the customer, obtaining the garments and processing the project. All of this makes it important to have a good plan that’s seated on a sophisticated project management system creating a streamlined and easily replicable project. You can count on The Foundry Print Shop to deliver!