With all the custom patches and labels we’ve been doing lately we thought it would be good idea to put together a gallery showing what the different constructions look like. Feel free to reach out with any questions and take care of your project.

This one for Seismic NW would be considered full embroidery. It was for custom hats.

This Pike Place Fish patch is done with partial embroidery on black twill, it was used for custom hats. You can find a picture of the boys wearing them below.

This one for Stumptown Snowboards is a woven label, we used them on custom beanies.

This one below is partial embroidery on white twill, it was used for custom hats.

This Parker Service Service woven label was done up for beanies.

This one for Kirkland Bike is a woven clip label. We used it on the bottom hem and sleeves for custom printed tees.

This Kirkland Bike patch was for custom hats. It would be considered partial embroidery on white twill.

This Em Socks patch was for custom hats. It’s partial embroidery as well.

The Cycle Heap patch was for custom bucket hats and beanies. Unlike the patches above it has a satin boarder apposed to a merrow stitch.

This Comet Tavern woven label was done for custom beanies.

This Anchor Bar Patch is partial embroidery on twill. These are for custom hats.

This ALS.net label is a clip style for the back of hats and tee shirt hems.

This 7B Sandpoint patch is for custom jackets. You can see them being applied in the video above.

These WK patches are partial embroidery, we heatsealed the backing so the customer could give them out to be ironed onto various items.

These PFD patches are for the Brennna A fishing vessel. They are a woven patch. They’ll be used for jacket chests and custom hats.

There are countless ways to construct labels and patches. If you have a project feel free to reach out and we can answer any of your questions.