Custom Printed Tee Shirts and Long Sleeves Seattle

Custom tee shirts are at the core of our business. It’s how we got our start! Since 2010 providing the best custom tee shirts has been our passion or possibly an obsession. Custom printed long sleeves, tank tops and custom printed pocket tees, we do it all.

Things have changed since the days of single use box tees. The consumer’s expectations for fabrics and fits has refined and the trend of making essentially landfill as promotional products is less appealing to the public than ever.

Sourcing better fitting shirts brings a lot of value to your custom tee shirt project.

That’s why we’re here, because we believe that it can be done better. It doesn’t even have to cost more, it just has to be more thought out. Better ink systems, better screen printing and better garments. Let’s make something that stands out and has an a aesthetic that shows effort and creativity. If your custom tee shirts are for promoting your brand or ideas then quality and thoughtfulness should be elemental.

All custom shirt projects start with the garment. A quality blank garment is a quality custom apparel project.

Finding the right styles that fits the value expectations for the project can be difficult. This is why we’ve built an extensive customizable garments catalog. So our customers can view real time pricing, inventory levels and review garment details in their own space. We give you the tools to make the right selections in apparel for your custom print projects and we’re always here to assist when you’re ready.

Come to use with something you already own or a brand that you already trust and we can find exact or like sourcing to match your preferences. We make ourselves available to assist in your decision making all while supporting your vision. Garments 101 is a great place to start your perfect shirt blank search.

We want to help you find the perfect printable shirt blank for your project!

Contemporary and unisex tees are the most popular styles that we sell. They are typically made of a finer material making them softer and more comfortable to wear. You’ll find the fits, fabric blends and colors are a little more modern here than with your basic tees. Another advantage to contemporary fabrics is that they shrink less in the wash and print far better due to their higher thread count.

Now contemporary tees are not all slender fit like the unisex tees. When we say contemporary all we mean is that they are of a modern construction and fit. There are plenty of contemporary styles out there that are cut with a relaxed fit and made of a heavier but still soft material. The thought that a courser material is more durable is a miss conception. In knits, higher thread counts have a tighter weave, longer fibers and far better color retention properties.

Not all shirts are made equally and quality shirts yield quality prints.

Let me make a final point here though. We are not exactly saying that there isn’t a place for the basic tee of our forefathers. Some people really love the classic fit and less sheer fabric of the original tee shirt. Supporting the idea that sustainability and quality are one in the same is about giving people what they want. Know your audience, a long lasting tee is a tee that’s loved.

The custom tee that lasts is the custom tee that’s loved.

That’s the thoughtfulness part of the equation. Most print shops are going to sell you basic tees because they are easily obtained and produce the highest margins for the least amount of sourcing work. Not because they are the best option for the end user. Raising your expectations of the customers is to our mission. To bring custom apparel into a future where locally made is the best made.

Feel free to reach out with any questions and we’ll be happy to help.

Thanks for reading.

Custom Tee Shirt Printing
Custom Simulated Process Tee Shirt Printing.
Custom full color screen printing

Custom Printed Tee Shirts and Long Sleeves

Custom tee shirts are at the core of our business. It’s how we got our start! Since 2010 providing the best custom tee shirts has been our passion or possibly an obsession. Custom printed long sleeves, tank tops and custom printed pocket tees, we do it all.

Quality Custom Tee Shirt

Learn about common fabrics

Cotton is ideal for screen printing because it deforms less than synthetic fibers such as polyester, nylon and acrylic when exposed to the heat needed to cure screen printing inks. It is also the only fabric type that is fully compatible with water-based discharge printing.

Blend fabrics consist of cotton and other synthetic fibers such as polyester, acrylic or nylon. It is recommended that only plastisol screen printing systems be used on poly blend fabrics because the synthetic fibers use colorfast dyes that will not discharge. Some blends are more discharge compatible than others but testing should always be done before production.

Plastisol is the only screen printing ink system compatible with nylon and other waterproof fabrics. Nylabond additive is used to bond the plastisol to the nylon for a more durable and washable print. Because the melting temperature of nylon is close to the the curing point of plastisol ink some nylon prints must be manually flash cured, however our natural gas textile dryer is effective in most situations.

Garments that have 100% synthetic content are often referred to as performance fabrics because of their ability to wick moisture and dry quickly. Due to their hydrophobic nature only plastisol inks should be used to screen print these fabrics. The high amount of synthetic fibers and colorfast dyes require specially formulated inks to prevent dye migration from the garment to the screen printing ink.

With so many fabrics on the market we customize every job to the garment being printed. If customers choose to provide their own garments we strongly suggest they consult with our staff before purchasing them.

Why work with The Foundry over other shops?

  1. Ability: Our 4,000 sqft shop is full of top of the line equipment and experienced operators. With garment printing, embroidery, patches, sewing and printed vinyl all in one place we are the one business relationship for all your private label needs.
  2. Creativity: Our staff is passionate about apparel, art and trends both current and classic. This passion drives a know-how in our design and application approach to creating custom apparel. We help take your ideas and put them into a format that is both compatible with and unique to your intentions.
  3. Resourcefulness: We always promote the scenario where quality and affordability meet. There are multiple ways to execute any custom apparel project and you can count on us to plan around the best results for a practical value while maintaining our quality first credo. The Foundry’s extensive in-house resources makes for as little 3rd party vendor involvement as possible.
  4. Accountability: We hold ourselves accountable to the quality of product and customer experience. We encourage our customers to share their thoughts to help us meet our commitments and deliver elevated results. Understanding the customers expectations, meeting them and managing concerns is what makes us Seattle’s one stop shop for quality custom apparel.
  5. Convenience: It is our job to know the process and be able to convey that information to the customer for their assurance. Our invoicing system outlines all of the garment and print information. We provide detailed mockups for every project with live approval and payment links. As well as due date and shipment tracking all from a single invoice view. This makes staying in know about your project easy and streamlined. We can ship to anywhere in the country or you can pick up from our location in South Seattle.

If you are looking to create the best custom garments and a value rich relationship look no further than The Foundry Print Shop Seattle.

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