Get your fade on!

In this post we would like to go over some of the methods involved in screen-printing gradients. When screen-printing fades or gradients you’re actually simulating a fade using halftone dots. In the three color fade pictured here you’ll see that the positives are nothing more that a dot matrix that fits together like a puzzle (shown below).

Bottom fade

Center fade

Top fade

Each of these positives or films are burned to screen and when printed together simulate the three colors as a smooth linear gradient. This one is done with water-base discharge so it’s as little more involved than doing something similar with plastisol but the principals are the same.

This is one form of what we call index printing where a screen-printer can use opaque dots so simulate an array of colors. It differs from 4-color process where the inks are semi transparent. Feel free to reach out with any questions or stop by our shop here in Seattle. Thanks for reading!