Direct To Garment Printing (DTG)

The Foundry Offers Direct To Garment Printing To Service Low Minimum Printed Tee Shirt Orders

So first what is DTG? Direct to Garment Printing is basically a jet printer that prints on textile. A very awesome system that’s capable of creating beautiful vibrant prints however it is very slow in comparison to screen printing. That’s why we only recommend it on lower minimum orders or project where the art contains a lot of colors and is not economically feasible with simulation printing.

Here at The Foundry we have a top of the line Poly Print TextJet Echo2 so we can provide short run custom tee shirt orders. Our DTG system creates a durable and color correct print that’s easy to set up and practical for low minimum projects (between 12-48 units). This Direct to Garment system makes printing possible on both light and dark colored 100% cotton and poly blend garments. The TexJet features a white ink and has underbase capability for high contrast and vibrant color. With simple setup and photo printing capabilities DTG is the best solution for custom short runs.

Another notable condition of DTG is the sustainability aspect. Creating and reclaiming the stencils used in screen printing requires a decent amount of water and creates solid waste. Although we use water out filtration systems and recycle what we can of the solids, creating a lot of screens to print a few shirts has is not good for the planet we live on.

If you can please submit your art in a high resolution or vector format and at the size you want it printed. We have services available to assist in design to help make sure your files are in a condition that will yield premium DTG print results.

The pricing below reflects single print location on the garment. Additional print locations will be priced out accordingly. Minimums on DTG printing are subject to change based on the complexity of the project.