Labeling 101

This post is intended to help our customers understand the processes and terminologies as they pertain to our labeling department.

Let’s first touch on the primary label types with the most common, embroidered patches. These are produced by embroidering directly onto a material then cutting it out and finishing the edges with a stitch or heat. The advantages here are that you can use the patch material as your background saving a lot of stitches, they come at a low minimum and are sewen out flat making quality detail more achievable than say sewing out a contoured hat crown. See an example below.

Next let’s talk about woven labels. These are produced by weaving thread together much like you would imagine how a blanket is made. This yields a higher image resolution and a far softer and more pliable construction than capable with embroidery. Woven labels are ideal for application scenarios where the label art contains fine detail, needs to conform to the garment and is exposed to regular machine wash.

Lastly You have what we call craft labels, these include mixed media, PVC, silicone, leather, printed and so on. In this category if you can imagine it it probably exists.

In most cases our customers reach out to us with their art and an idea of what type of garment they would like it applied to. This conversation can be as simple as “I want my logo on a hat”. We review the provided information and come back with compatible construction scenarios and links to recommended garment selections that match your description. We’re are always happy to assist your imagination with digital mockups like the one below.

Like all projects here at The Foundry reaching out is the first step, send us your idea and we’ll help you make it a reality.

All patches and woven labels come with a photo sewout (this is a picture of the first unit down for your approval before production). Please note that patches and woven labels typically come with a 3-4 week lead time however feel free to inquire about expedited orders.

Thanks for reading!