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A Guide to Sizing Your Graphics

Let’s dig into sizing your art and the chief factors to consider. First understand that setups do not change size, putting together the screen stencils for printing or digitizing the art for embroidery is done to a static dimension. Making changes to these requires an entire new set up. That’s why we recommend that you [...]

A Guide to Sizing Your Graphics2018-03-04T18:47:38-07:00

Custom Patches and Woven Labels

With all the custom patches and labels we’ve been doing lately we thought it would be good idea to put together a gallery showing what the different constructions look like. Feel free to reach out with any questions and take care of your project. This one for Seismic NW would be considered full [...]

Custom Patches and Woven Labels2018-03-04T18:21:10-07:00

Screen Printing With Black Ink

Alright let’s talk about black ink. When most art is native to white paper and black pen it’s important to understand the best practices and systems when it comes to printing black. Black ink is awesome because you can do so much with it. Think of it like this, your shirt color is your [...]

Screen Printing With Black Ink2018-04-21T17:51:52-07:00

Specialty Inks and Applications

Let’s take a minute to talk about specialty systems and let’s start by defining them. Specialty inks and systems are print systems that create a unique affect like suede, reflective, puff, metallic or glow to name just a few. This also includes cad cut applications such as heat transfer vinyl. With todays technology there’s [...]

Specialty Inks and Applications2018-02-14T20:32:55-07:00

Get your fade on!

Get your fade on! Posted on December 21, 2016 In this post we would like to go over some of the methods involved in screen-printing gradients. When screen-printing fades or gradients you’re actually simulating a fade using halftone dots. In the custom tee project pictured here you’ll see that the positives are nothing more that a [...]

Get your fade on!2018-04-26T12:24:19-07:00

Printing Polyester Rich Garments

We often get customer requests to print performance garments like the one shown below. Today almost every major garment label has some version of performance wear in their line. Fleece or knit you can basically find these polyester rich fabrics available in every garment category. You’ll find that the information in this article also [...]

Printing Polyester Rich Garments2018-04-26T00:43:51-07:00

Metallic Screen Printing Inks

With spring comes new trends and one of the more prevalent ones we’ve identified is metallic printing. Unlike previous years we’ve seen at least two jobs using metallics come through the shop per week. With this influx we thought it wouldn’t be a bad idea to put together a blog post with more information about [...]

Metallic Screen Printing Inks2018-02-14T20:44:55-07:00

Sewing and Embroidery

Here at The Foundry we have a full service in-house relabeling department made possible by our industrial flat bed and post bed machines ideal for applying patches, hem tags, size tag and branded labels to garments including all types of headwear. We have 11 heads of industrial SWF embroidery machines capable of the [...]

Sewing and Embroidery2018-03-12T15:53:39-07:00