Shop Supply

Kirkland Bike

We originally went with The Foundry based on the recommendation of a friend. I am so glad we listened because several orders later we couldn't be happier with their work. From the quality of the shirts to understanding and executing the art work exactly as we envisioned it they have always delivered. We have several printers closer to us in Kirkland but I gladly make the trip to Seattle because I know I'm getting quality stuff every time.

-Josh Harris, Owner

Eastside Harley Davidson

We have loved our partnership with the Foundry! Start to finish, concepts to art and finial printing, they have always killed it on our crazy deadlines. If you need cool shit, they know what you want, and where to get it. The Foundry is the crew you want to work with.

-Scott Cook, Branch GM

Edge of the World

The Foundry rules. These dudes keep our shop merch looking fly and always help us achieve our dreams when working on new artwork and products. I mean, these guys came up with the Zero hour energy coozies for God's sake! Use the Foundry; you won't be disappointed.

-Chris Bacon, Owner


The Foundry is our go to company for all of our screen printing needs. We've known these guys for along time and are very good friends of ours. They are very professional and only use high quality materials for their products. I highly recommend using them for all your screen printing needs. We believe in keeping it local and small business only if possible and with the Foundry we can do that.

-Matt Pilger, Buying Manager

Wakuda Studios

I've worked with the Foundry for a little while now and the quality of their work and turnaround time is spectacular. And because they charge a very reasonable price for the work they do, I keep coming back for more.

-Jonathan Wakuda Fischer, Art Ninja

Spacecraft Collective

Spacecraft Collective has been working with The Foundry for multiple years on our our screen printing needs. Forrest and Brennan have always met or exceeded our expectations on the projects we’ve handed over. They’ve helped educate our design team on the processes needed to realize our design intent, their execution is skillful and exact, our deadlines are always met, the pricing is competitive in the marketplace, and the service is always top notch and met with a smile/high 5/cold beer (most of the time its all three!). Part of Spacecraft Collective’s success is due to The Foundry and we recommend The Foundry to anyone looking for a solid partner in the printing industry.

-Doug Foss, Production Manager

The Boardroom

We’ve been working with Foundry Clothing the last couple years and couldn’t be happier with their quality products, great customer service and quick turn around time. Their screen printing is some of the best we’ve found and their t’s have a great hand to them. Quality goods from good guys. Plan to work with them for years to come.

-Chris Heise, Owner

The Lonesome Billies

We love working with the Foundry fellers cause they're easy to work with, do GREAT work, and always get it done quicker than we need it. We constantly here from fans who love the fit of our tee's and send everyone we know their way.

-Clayton McCune, Ornery Billie

Street Trash Brewing

Brennan and Forrest at The Foundry are pretty damn cool guys as much as I hate to admit it! They have printed several beer related shirt designs for me and we have enjoyed many delicious beers together! These guys take what they do very seriously and put out an excellent product at a good price! The fact that these crazy lads are excellent artists and designers means that you can trust that they know what looks good! If you ever need anything screen printed go with The Foundry and support people who are rad! I will definitely stick with The Foundry for all my future printing needs and enjoy forcing them to drink more insane home brew!!

-Bjorn Hartman, Psychedelic Chemist

Huxley Wallace Collective

“ What I love most about working with The Foundry is not just that they deliver a great product every time, but it’s their creative spirit and willingness to try new things. For our restaurants, we are constantly striving to create new and unique ways we can merchandise or tell our story. Often times we need to print on unorthodox things or just have weird requests. They are always up for the challenge and work with us on creating great solutions. Having a great relationship like this is what "keeping it local” is all about.”

-Matthew Parker

Snowboard Connection

Finally! We were stuck in that tough spot for a long time: can't finance our own label, but tired of all the usual blanks out there. The Foundry blanks are up-to-date and relevant; i'd put them up against any brand in my store. I will admit to being an old retailer, and stubborn to change. Back in the day, a shop shirt was simple, unsophisticated, and no one thought about the labels. Now, it helps to have a shirt that fits well, feels soft, and stands up to repeated washings. I think the Foundry nailed the concept. Build a shirt and brand it in such a way that the shop shines, and it doesn't say "Hanes, Anvil, Jerzees, etc.". "Your customers love you, so show them some love in return."

-John Logic, Owner

Glazer's Camera

The Foundry Clothing Company pours their heart & soul into their work. The quality of T-shirts and the custom tag design make our Logo Tees the best we've ever had!

-Debbie Porter, Marketing