Let’s take a second to dig into sublimation printing, also know as dye-sub.  Sublimation uses heat and pressure to transfer an image from a printed sheet onto a fabric sub-straight.  Because sublimation printing is only compatible with 100% polyester garments you’ll find it more commonly used in athletic applications like soccer jerseys, road bike jerseys etc.

Another important detail to note about sublimation printing is that it only works on white or very light colored garments.  In this video we are using the Threadfast 140A  t-shirt.  This is a great product because it’s sublimation friendly, fits like your favorite t-shirt and has a cotton like feel. Here’s a closer look at the tee we printed in the video.

Why is sublimation a good option?  Unlike screen printing, it’s a digital print so there are no screen setups involved making it more economical at a lower minimum. It also yields a very flexible and soft print that’s great for garments that undergo a lot of stretch and require breathable properties.

Sublimation is also a good solution for hat printing because it can hold high details and is affordable if you’re producing art that contains a high color count or gradients. We’ll use sublimation in patch work for all these same reasons. See examples below.

In all sublimation is a great system if used where its strengths outweigh is limitations. If you have any questions on sublimation feel free to give us a call.

Thanks for reading!

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