Creating an eye-catching logo for your business is no small feat. On average, consumers are exposed to 3,000 ads and promotional messages every day, and a logo has to have the right balance of creativity and flair while communicating what your business is all about in order to truly be effective. It’s not uncommon for businesses to make mistakes with the graphic design process, so check out some of the most common errors and avoid making them yourself:


Following Short-Term Trends


While logo design trends come and go with time, it’s important to choose artistic principles that have long been established and are here to stay. This also applies to logos that may be overly flashy or too ‘over the top.’

“You want your logo design to be fresh and modern, but following a trend that’s likely to be outdated in a few years isn’t the way to go. You want your logo to be timeless, not a flash in the pan…so you can be faulted for riding the tide of certain designs. Err on the side of classic and you’ll be less likely to have to overhaul a tired design far sooner than you’d like,” writes Carey Wodehouse on Upwork.

Not Crafting With Clothing/Apparel in Mind


If you’re crafting a logo solely for digital interfaces, you may want to think again. It’s important to choose a logo that’s versatile enough for all types of advertising media, and this includes using branded apparel. With nearly 6,000 impressions, bags generate more impressions than any other promotional product in the United States, and making a logo that also looks great for t shirt printing and other silkscreen projects is the best way to ensure quality across all types of logo marketing.


Not Recruiting a Professional


Though smaller businesses may not have the resources to invest in a professional graphic designer, it’s important to at least gain some professional insight throughout the logo design process. Only a seasoned expert has the creative eye necessary to create a logo that’s truly unique and timeless, so if possible, get feedback from a professional before sending out for branded apparel and custom embroidery.


Ultimately, crafting the perfect logo won’t happen overnight — it’s an ongoing trial-and-error process that requires creativity and a willingness to experiment. For more information about custom embroidery, contact Foundry Clothing.