embroidered labelsWhen a company sells t-shirts or other clothing, they not only bring in revenue but they also increase awareness of their brand. With about 62% of Americans owning more than 10 t-shirts, which amounts to about 1.5 billion shirts, companies need to ensure they’re producing the best products possible. And while the shirt itself matters, companies often underestimate the importance of the label. Printed labels are generally the go-to option, but let’s explore a few key benefits of using embroidered labels instead.


Higher quality: First and foremost, embroidered or woven labels are generally higher quality than printed labels. Because embroidered labels are sewn directly into clothing or products, they add more texture and feeling compared to printed labels. Additionally, woven labels won’t fade or wear like printed labels, ensuring they’ll last longer. Overall, embroidered labels can offer a high-quality option for displaying brand logos and information.


Simplicity: One of the best things about woven labels or even custom sew on patches is that the label itself can be a source of branding. This means that branding for your business can be simplified and consistent across all of your products. The artwork or logo representing the brand can speak for itself and be used over and over again. When it comes to easy branding options, embroidered labels are the way to go.


Customization: Custom woven labels are something that every business should invest in. Customization is key when it comes to finding opportunities for branding. And by being able to customize the label itself, companies increase their branding. While apparel itself can be customized for the brand, having labels or personalized woven patches can be used across several items and can be more versatile when needed. When businesses invest in custom woven label designs, they will have a consistent way to show their brand throughout all of their products.


As you can see, there are several benefits to using embroidered or woven labels for company products. From increasing the quality to being able to customize more, businesses can use these labels to benefit their company immensely. So if you’re designing new apparel for your business, make sure to keep embroidered labels in mind.