If you’re wondering  “how do I go about placing an order” you’re not alone, most customers come into our services with little experience in screen-printing, embroidery, labeling and/or garment sourcing. Fortunately we’re here to make it as easy as possible.

Garments –
Every project starts with the garment, knowing the garment and fabric type will dictate the process used to apply your art. Let us know what type of garment you’re looking for and we’ll send links to products that match your description. The Sourced Garments 101 post is a great resource for this. If you have a specific style number in mind.. Great. You’ll receive all the pricing in your initial quote and you can learn more about the definitions and print pricing here.

Art Submission –
For optimal print quality please submit your art either in vector format or as a 300+DPI PDF, PSD, TIFF or JPG. If possible submit your art flattened and at size. Screen colors vary from monitor to monitor so if you need exact pantones please submit the PMS numbers from the coated book with your art. Do not submit your art pre separated. We understand that this portion can be confusing so just let us know if you have any questions. Here’s a great resource for sizing your art A Guide to Sizing your Graphics.

Deposit –
Once we have your garment styles, the size run and the art and application established we put together an invoice showing all of the job costs. From here we ask that you take the time to thoroughly read through your invoice and make sure that all the details are to your specification. Once confirmed we take 50% of your invoice total as a deposit.

Production and Lead Time–
With the deposit placed we move to production with your order by gathering all the assets needed to process your project. Typically we run at 2-3 weeks but during high volume seasons we may specify pre-deposit that our lead time have extended. If you request photo press checks please understand that we need you to reply within 10 minutes. Waiting for approval is costly down time for our staff and can affect the chemistry used in production.

Project Completion-
Once your project is complete you can choose to pick it up or we can ship to any destination in the US or Canada. Only under special circumstances do we allow pick up or ship without final payment. If you find blems or errors in your counts while unpacking we’re always happy to issue a credit or refund accordingly. All invoices that go 30 days past due incur a 10% up-charge and an additional 15% every 30 day period there after.

Basic information:

Please note that we maintain a 50 unit minimum per style however there are some exceptions based on project complexity and garment cost.

We accept all forms of payment. Cash, check or card. (Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American

We provide mockups for every project, we ask that you approve the artwork before we take the deposit.

We are a registered wholesaler and our customers are eligible for tax exempt transactions provided they submit a resale ID.

Although we do not save screens we do save all of your digital files to a database so reproduction is easy. We call this reset and it comes at half the cost of your original setups.

Good communication is crucial to a successful project, with so many details involved we appreciate your taking the time to clearly explain your creative vision and be prompt to respond to any questions we may have about your project.

Every project is a new challenge in contract garment embellishment and if every stage is methodically planned out and the proper time is taken it can be fun and easy. You’re going to have questions, that’s cool. Just ask us!

Thanks for reading!