Here at The Foundry we have a full service in-house relabeling department made possible by our industrial flat bed and post bed machines ideal for applying patches, hem tags, size tag and branded labels to garments including all types of headwear. We have 11 heads of industrial SWF embroidery machines capable of the highest quality work on flats and caps. Good embroidery takes mindful digitizing so we partner with the best digitizers in the country to make sure your art is executed in the best way possible.

We source labels and patches from all over the world to get our customers the best price on the highest quality so whether is direct embroidery or a patch application you can count on getting great work with one relationship in one location.

These assets combined with our state of the art print facility make The Foundry Seattleā€™s one stop shop for all your retail and promotional garment embellishment. Learn more about our pricing and sales structures here.