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Ez Rocks Skate for the cure

EZ Rocks Skate for the Cure

Good times at The Foundry booth this past weekend, we sold some samples and printed some collectable shirts to help raise money for the Zakes Foundation. The School of Rock students played a few covers from Epitaph Records, Quincy Quigg was on some live painting, team skater Anakin Senn rolled out in the street jam and Jason Rodriguez held it down at the booth. Big thanks to everyone for coming out in support! Looking forward to next year!
Learn more about the Zakes Foundation at


EZ Rocks Skate for the Cure – Sept 19th – 21st

The Zakes Foundation was created by Brad and Nancy Zakes in memory of their son, Ethan Zakes who lost his life in 2011 to ALD at the age of 10. In his memory the Seattle/Bellevue skate community and it’s supporters will be hosting this event to benefit the establishment of state-sponsored newborn screening programs used to detect rare childhood diseases. The Foundry will be in support of this event all three days with a booth full of giveaways and good times. We will also be printing the collectable event tees available for sale at the information booth. Learn more about the event here –

Contract sewing in seattle WA

New Sewing Department

We wanted to take a second to introduce our new sewing set-up. The machine you see on the left is a post-bed, it’s ideal for sewing patches onto hats and relabeling small items. Another advantage to this piece of equipment is the top and bottom roller feed that allows for technical sewing on a variety of heavy fabrics including leather and laminated materials. The machine on the right is a flatbed sewing machine used for general commercial sewing applications. We’ll be using these machines to assemble The Foundry Clothing line as well as offering contract work to our customers. Stay tuned for more information as we get this portion of our operation up and rolling.


EOW Hats

These EOW hats turned out awesome! This art came to us as a concept and we fixed it up for embroidery and die cut stickers. We’re stoked that Edge of the World comes to us all the way from Missoula Montana for their screen printing and embroidery.