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Custom Marker Flags

Custom Marker Flags for Stevens Pass

Our friends at Stevens Pass Ski Resort were in need of some flags to mark features in their terrain park. They were looking for something that would hold up to high winds and would be visible in low light conditions so we borrowed some technology from the boat sail world and put together these pole mountable units. Made from vinyl coated polyester for the sleeve and heavy weight flag material for the visible triangle. We cut them out, printed them up and sewed them together. Let us know if you have a custom print and sew project and we’ll get you taken care of.


Sewing and Embroidery

Screen-printing, embroidery and re-labeling go hand and hand. Here at The Foundry we have a full service in-house relabeling department made possible by our industrial flat bed machine and a post machine that’s ideal for applying patches to hats. Our embroidery machine is an industrial SWF 15 needle capable of the highest quality embroidery on flats such as jackets and wovens as well as all types of headwear. These assets combined with our state of the art print facility make The Foundry Seattle’s one stop shop for all your retail and promotional garment embellishment. Learn more about our pricing and sales structures here. Pricing and general information


Tanks and Helmets 3

For the Third year, we’ve put together an art show with our friends from Bell Helmets, Harley Davidson, and The Piranha Shop. We handle the curation of the show in conjunction with our friend Duffy from the Piranha Shop. The third year has opened the roster to people from Seattle to London and the talent just keeps getting better. We are honored to be able to work with the artists and sponsors on this event.

Show Details Below:
Tanks and Helmets 3

Let’s not try and sugar coat this and give you some long winded, art critique diatribe about how these working class artists have been shaping your opinion of what “cool” is and how “one paint job at a time they’ve changed our entire culture”. Or perhaps why missing this opportunity to see their work will go down on your list of “shit i wish i had done before i died” or some shit.

This is just a really fucking radical art show featuring a wealth of talent from many walks of art.

Year three has brought in some new artists as well as a new venue. There will be more bikes, more art, more booze, and hopefully more babes.
Regardless of all that it will, as usual, be one hell of a good time.

Artist Roster Includes:
Jermey Deming GERM, Jen Vertz, Josh Ramp, TJ Schneider, Travis Hess TUKI, Schoph Schopfield, David Blake, Hellmutt Billy, Quincy Quigg, Jesse Brown, Kyler Martz, Scott Fuller, Wakuda, Todd Lown, Ten Hundred, Charlie GRRL, Hubba Hubba, Hash, Goldy, Street Trash Brewing, Joe Vollan, 13 Fingers, Maynerd, Brian Papa, CASH, Dominc de Ventura, Duffy , Andrew Reimer, Brennan Coyle, Burrito Breath, Kevin Drake, Charles Russ and Joe Nix

A huge thanks to those sponsors for helping to make this show come together and pushing it to make the third year even better.

Sponsorship and Tolerance Brought to You By:
The Foundry Clothing Co.
Bell Helmets
Eastside Harley Davidson
Rainier Beer
The Piranha Shop

Tanks and Helmets Two from The Foundry Clothing Co. on Vimeo.

Tanks & Helmets Show from Tara Sanborn on Vimeo.


Human Nature Art Show

Lucky us, The Foundry was invited to have a spot at the Human Nature art show.
Here is a quick little edit of our artist Brennan Coyle putting down a half mile of line work for one of his paintings for the show. It doesn’t show the finished piece, so i guess you’ll have to join us for beers and high fives tomorrow night.

The show is March 5th-7th at The Piranha Shop 1022 1st ave. S. Seattle, WA 98134.
From 7-10pm

Show Description Below:

‘Human Nature’ is an age old question with no definitive answer. Its what brings us together. It’s what tears us apart. It’s good as well as pure evil.
No matter how it’s looked at, it boils down to define what it is to be human. Where we’re going, and how we got here.
This show brings together a strong line-up of international artists. An embracement, and exploitation of human nature.
10 different styles. 10 different interpretations.
Curated by Kyle Maynerd x Schoph Schophield

Line Up Include:
Maynerd, Schoph, Corey Smith, Jamie Lynn, Ben Brough, Mat Savage, Slycooley, Duffyleg, Justin Kane Elder and Brennan Coyle


Blog Grab

Forever 4 Wheels

We’re stoked to announce our most recent collection ‘Forever 4 Wheels’ available on our web store and at select retailers. Launching in segments starting with tees and accessories then fleece and lastly a jacket project that we think everyone will be really hyped on. We’ll get more on that once we get all the sampling and photos wrapped up. Thanks for the support and stay tuned for more details.

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